Friday, January 3, 2014


Howard County, Neb. Courtroom
Courtroom trials fascinate me.  Everyone gravitates to an interesting or odd crime story.  And whether it's probate when a family member dies, a divorce, or (and I've been there) having a police officer write you up, everyone ends up with some connection to the legal system.  It took a few years as a reporter, but I figured out that the best way to tell these stories was to sneak in some schooling with whatever makes the headlines.  

That's why this outlet may help me and, hopefully, help you.  We can both learn more about the law and the reasons why things happen the way they do in the courts and in the sheriff's office. 

I’ll share some of the most interesting news from the courts and cops around the state and some background and history about how the system works.  To the best of my knowledge there’s no one else in Nebraska doing it, so NET News decided it was a good niche to fill.  Some of it will be original reporting and some will be part of our daily Signature Story segments on NET Radio.  It should be interesting stuff.