Monday, December 22, 2014


The helicopter supporting the Omaha Police Department has its own Twitter account. I'm a big fan. The chopper's crew posts great images from its airborne cameras... startling, funny, and sometimes very beautiful. My "Top 10" turned into a "Top 20." Here's a month by month sampling from 2014:

"Observant cruisers officers rescue abandoned 2-yo child from cold car, 
now safe with officers. Details unknown."

January 1, 2014. A heartbreaking story unfolds on the infrared camera.

February 26, 2014. The dormitory fire at University of Nebraska-Omaha.

"Missing juvenile located cold but healthy and now safe."

March 3, 2014. Little boy lost, looking pretty lonely when the chopper spotted him. 

 April 7, 2014. Above the fire that destroyed the Keystone Pharmacy on Maple Street

"Springtime in Omaha."
 April 25, 2014. 

"Hot spot by officers feet is gun @OPDABLE1 found, thrown by suspect during foot pursuit."
 May 6, 2014 Amazing image. The infrared imaging shows a pistol on the ground.

May 27, 2014. Kinda speaks for itself, no?

 June 6, 2014. College World Series from the OPD eye-in-the-sky.

"This is the most excited I've seen my partner since #Wham was profiled on VH1"
July 5, 2014. Rare airborne celebrity siting. Oscar Meyer Wiener-Mobile.


"Compassionate officer is able to talk party off the ledge of pedestrian bridge."

September 3, 2014. Copter crew monitors successful suicide prevention.
"Pic from Wash. Co. pursuit last night. Suspect found low crawling through cornfield. K-9 search team sent in."
September 25, 2014. That dot in the middle of the box? A guy hiding in the field as dogs approach.  

September 17, 2014. Hot Air Balloon spotted along the west edge of Omaha.

"I'm sure a well intended message from @OPDABLE1 supporter prior to the "N" burning out."
October 9, 2014. 'FU'N message for the chopper night crew.

“Flying a bit higher tonight to try and find some clean air.”
October 3, 2014. Omaha Skyline.
"Victim shows wound to officer just prior to being transported to the hospital"
November 16, 2014. To be clear, this guy is point to the officer to show him where he just got shot!

November 17, 2014. Variation on snow angels spotted from above. 

November 28, 2014. Black Friday. Westroads Mall Parking Lot at 1:00 AM

December 12, 2014. Hazy Day.

December 10, 2014. Passenger in the Omaha Police Department , en route to annual "Shop With A Cop" event.